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Roll Up Door Repair & Installation Near You

Roll up doors are a popular choice by commercial businesses for their functionality and quality. They’re extremely durable, which makes them a good choice for businesses that constantly have their roll up door in use. We understand that businesses depend on their roll up garage doors every day for security reasons, which is why we deliver timely service with high attention to detail and customer service. 



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Roll Up Door Repair

We understand the safety and productivity that roll up doors bring to your business and that when issues arise, it can be quite frustrating. That’s why we come to your aid quickly with a team well trained in conducting roll up garage door repair. We do provide emergency service so that we can help you right away when you need box truck roll up door repair. If you are looking for roll up door repair near you, we service all of southwest, MT including Gallatin, Madison, and Jefferson counties. 

Here are 6 common roll up door problems:

  1. Power source not connected: You need to make sure that your roll up door is connected to power. Check to see if your building has electricity; if it does, it could signal an issue with the breaker. Try to reset the system. If this doesn’t work, it’s time to call the experts at Door Tech.
  2. Obstructive elements: Since your roll up door is outside, elements like dirt, leaves, and debris can accumulate in the space between the floor and roll up door. Bigger objects will be easier to spot, but sometimes elements as small as dust particles can cause the garage door to malfunction. Try cleaning the area thoroughly, including the sensors, and make sure they are aligned. 
  3. Worn out or broken parts: Over time, roll up door parts may begin to see wear and tear. When they become damaged or rusted, they may need to be replaced. Torsion springs and cables can snap after they’ve been in use for a while. Don’t try to fix this yourself, as it can be very dangerous. Just give us a call at Door Tech and we’ll have your roll up garage door repair completed in no time.
  4. Misaligned tracks: When parts are misaligned, it can cause the door to scrape against the tracks, causing damage. This will ultimately hurt the garage door’s performance the more it happens, while also scraping paint off. The track can also become clouded by rust, which may cause the roll up door to become unbalanced. If you notice that your tracks are misaligned, don’t wait to get it fixed, as it could lead to further issues. 
  5. Faulty motor: This is another reason why your roll up door may not be working. Consider how long you’ve had your motor, as they do have a lifespan of about 10-15 years. The motor could be out of sync with the remote or have faulty sensors. We can help with garage door motor repair and replacement.
  6. Spring tension: Garage door springs collect a lot of tension while in use, which can sometimes build too high. This can make it harder to open and close the garage door. When pressure builds too much, your garage door springs may snap. If this happens, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Door Tech is well trained in dealing with garage door spring repair. 

Contact us for any and all of your roll up door needs! Our repair and installation services are handled by our experienced, friendly team who will work hard to ensure you have a properly functioning roll up garage door. 

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Roll Up Door Installation 

Roll up garage door installations are performed by our experienced, friendly team of service professionals. We install a wide variety of roll up doors, depending on your preferences and business needs. We can recommend our favorite products and help you find the right fit for your commercial or industrial business. Know that you can search online for roll up garage door installation instructions, but keep in mind that the process can be complex and you don’t want to install the door incorrectly.

Call or text us here at Door Tech to perform your roll up door installation. We offer excellent customer service as well as low roll up door installation costs. We also can install roll up security doors if you desire additional safety. This is a great choice for warehouses or other areas that would benefit from extra protection. 

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Residential Roll Up Doors

Roll up doors are not just for commercial purposes! These overhead doors are a great addition to residential homes! Glass roll up doors especially are an excellent way to open up living space. These doors can brighten up any living area and create a more fluid entertainment area. Roll up doors for residential homes are a great idea if you do not have enough room for a traditional overhead door. Since these roll into a coil, they will not require the ceiling space that overhead doors do. If you want a residential roll up door, give Door Tech a call and we can schedule an appointment to install a new roll up garage door for your home or business.

Overhead doors move upwards on a track. Roll up doors coil into an overhead container whenever they’re raised. People tend to like roll up doors because they are an affordable, easy-to-operate addition to their warehouse or storefront. We’re able to install and repair both!

This will depend on how large the door is — the bigger the door, the more of it rolls up, the more room you’ll need. However, most roll up doors need 10-35 inches of headroom and 5-11 inches of side clearance. 

Yes! They can definitely be insulated. This will help conserve more energy and lower costs. Adding insulation is also a good way to increase the durability of your roll up doors.