Garage Door Opener Differences


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Garage Door Opener Differences

Let this be your guide to the most popular garage door openers on the market. Whether you have an older home or a newly built home, Door Tech has seen them all. We offer the best garage door opener products and services, and luckily we can tell you the differences between them too!

Door Tech is an authorized dealer of Raynor Premier products, and all of them are durable and will last you a long time. Since all garage door openers essentially do the same thing, it’s worth to know how each type of opener operates. Door Tech understands each home is built differently which comes with slightly different needs. Which one will last the longest? Which one is the most affordable? Take note of the garage door opener you currently have, and which one you will want to keep or replace it with.

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

If you’re looking for a quiet and durable new garage door opener, consider a belt drive garage door opener. This opener type runs on a rubber belt, creating minimal vibrations for a smooth, almost silent garage door operation. With a belt drive garage door opener, you also cut down on potential repairs and maintenance costs because its durable construction makes it last years longer. Both Raynor and LiftMaster have several belt drive garage door opener options to upgrade your garage with garage door opener installation.

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

A chain drive garage door opener is the most widely available and affordable type of garage door opener. Like most overhead garage door openers, a chain drive garage door opener operates on a rail and trolley. As the name suggests, a chain drive garage door opener operates on a metal chain. Because of this construction, chain drive openers tend to be noisier and have a more involved maintenance routine. If your old chain drive opener has suited you well, it is possible a newer one operates quietly.

With chain drive garage door openers, problems arise with broken sprockets and stripped gears. Sprockets carry the stress of the garage door weight and may need to be replaced due to wear. If you regularly follow through with garage door maintenance, your opener should stay in good shape and last a long time. 

A Chain Vs. A Belt

A chain drive and a belt drive garage door opener are the two most widely available and commonly found openers in a family’s home. These two styles of garage door openers function the same, and are created to achieve the same goal. It simply comes down to who can lift the most weight. If you have a garage door made with a heavier material, the chain drive will be able to carry more weight.

Although a chain drive would win in an arm wrestling contest with a belt drive, the quietest player lifting your garage door is the belt drive. If your house is made up of thinner walls, and or you have a room above the garage, a belt drive functions much quieter than a chain drive or even a screw drive opener.

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Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

Screw drive openers do not favor with homeowners for its noisiness and requires regular lubrication. It tends to develop problems with the trolley or carriage carrier. Over time, the garage door’s weight begins to add tension to the trolley, which can damage it, causing the garage door to slide when opening. This can point to an issue with torsion springs as well, which holds all of the weight. The redeeming quality of a screw drive garage door opener is its durability. If it’s regularly maintained, it is extremely sturdy and its old technology will last you a long time.

Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

And finally we have the alternative to overhead door openers. The wall mount garage door opener, is also known as a jackshaft garage door opener, or side mount garage door opener. Modern garage door openers have been trending towards wall mount openers like those available from both Raynor and LiftMaster. Instead of operating overhead, a wall mount garage door opener installs beside the garage door, so it frees up ceiling space. This is great for heavy doors because it attaches directly to the garage door springs. This makes a wall mount garage door opener stronger and more durable.

A wall mount opener also opens the garage more storage space since it operates out of the way of any overhead carriers. This opener has the most appealing qualities for homeowners: a wall mount opener is more convenient, requires the least maintenance, operates quietly, and has an uncluttered look overall. If you have a very low or very high ceiling that reaches 10 feet or more, a wall mount opener is left to be your only option.

The convenience of a wall mount garage door opener may reign supreme, but it is whatever will fit the needs of you and the dimensions of your garage.

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The Common Solution

With all garage door openers, you want to look out for strange, grinding noises, a door that moves slowly or unreliably, and if an opener is reaching 15-20 years of age, it’s time to replace! Door Tech strives to offer the best services, and we’re here to help! Garage doors are meant to lift without worry or hesitation. Now that you have a list of different garage door openers to steer you toward the best decision for you and your home’s needs, call or text a Door Tech technician to repair or replace your garage door opener today!  

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